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Cloud Services Overview

In today's fast-paced global business scenario, organisations need easily accessible, scalable and cost-effective software services. Cloud technology serves this purpose with its inherent characteristics like speed, agility, scalability, responsiveness and above all, cost-effectiveness. Organisations are willing to leverage these benefits of cloud technology but are often not sure how to do so.

At FZ Infotech, we offer our expertise and years of experience to deliver the best possible Cloud Application Development service based on your requirements and long-term business goals. We have successfully delivered SaaS-based ERP and other products, using cloud platform. We also provide Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Office365, and other services in addition to Salesforce® implementation and customization service.

Our team of experienced custom software developers help the organisations with the best services and deliver them globally tailoring their business software requirements and budget.

Cloud Services

  • Cloud Advisory Services
  • Cloud Integration Services
  • Cloud Management Services
  • Cloud Application Development Services
  • Cloud Migration and Implementation Services

Cloud Services Expertise

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SQL
  • .NET
  • PHP
  • JAVA

Cloud Services Experience

FZ Infotech has successfully completed somany projects with 810+ customers in varied industries. Below mentioned are few domains in which we have worked:

  • AWS S3, AWS Messaging Service, AWS Cloudwatch and AWS Codedeploy are applied in the Digital Content Distribution Platform for storing media files, powerful message delivery, tracking metrics & monitoring changes and automating the deployment of updates to Amazon EC2 instances respectively.
  • To manage and set-up relational database in cloud and sync both database tasks, Amazon Relational Database Service is utilized in media storefront solution
  • For SaaS-based solution developed to inspect buildings, we implemented S3 service for storing images and documents between multiple sites. The data can be accessed from all sites.
  • Elastic Search is implemented for full-text search, auto-completer and analytics store in a media based application possessing massive data.
  • For fast deployment and future easy scaling, AWS Elastic Beanstalk has been used for NGO application.
  • Effectively implemented S3 service of AWS for fast storing and retrieval of images for the crowd-funding website